The Real Housewives Of Melbourne S03E03

October 1st, 2015 7:41 pm
Season: 3 Episode: 3
Title: By Invitation Only
Description: Uncomfortable home truths are exchanged as the wives and various family members reunite. Bride to be Gamble is torn, should she invite Pettifleur to her wedding even though they’re at logger heads? Chewing it over with family, the ever supportive Rick encourages her to do the right thing while his son Luke has other ideas leaving Gamble as confused as ever. At the same time Pettifleur’s in damage control but not over Gamble. She and her sister Gillian were once close but they’ve drifted apart … so time to address their issues. Sadly things don’t really go to plan. And speaking of family planning, Jackie’s feeling the pressure to start one after a recent visit from her Mum and decides to confide her fears about motherhood to close pal Chyka. Questions of motherhood are at the forefront for Janet as well. When she separated from Brian, she distanced herself from his family and that included stepdaughter Fiora. When the two finally reunite, emotions are high and Fiora doesn’t hold back telling Janet what she thinks of the separation. Finally Gamble is having the ladies over for a cocktail party where she plans to issue the wedding invitations. It’s not what you’d call a sedate gathering as simmering tensions surface but when Pettifleur questions her wedding invitation all hell breaks loose.
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